Saturday, April 19, 2014

Monday, April 23, 2012

What am I listening to NOW?

Hey guys, this is just a quick list (along with links to sights) of some music that I am listening to right now (meaning, within the last couple of days or so). Check it out, and maybe add your list to the pot as well:

  • Hindemith - Symphony in Bb for Band (Tokyo Kosei Wind Orchestra---Powerful stuff! A weird, but undeniably compelling masterwork!)
  • Piazzolla - Libertango (Yo-Yo Ma and Friends---OMG, this is such feel good tango music, it is almost hypnotic...)
  • Tchaikovsky - Swan Lake - Act. I "Waltz" (Riccardo Muti & the Philadelphia Orchestra---here is arguable the greatest B-Movie composer of all time with one of his signature works...notice the interesting things he does here with such a deliberately muted harmonic palette, especially towards the will make you smile, I promise : ) see, just like that!)
  • Ella - "A House Is Not A Home" (Actually, it was written by the team of Burt Blacharach and Hal David, and made real' famous by Mr. Vandross himself---but, and this is putting it delicately, you AIN'T heard it 'till you've heard it like THIS!)
  • A trio of humorous sound clips (all pulled from YouTube):
    • Tenor voice crack [err, FAIL] (Proof that even the best of us have our occasional moments of glorious disaster...though, I think you'll be hard pressed to find one quite as memorable as this...P.S. this one gets better upon repeated hearings : ))
    • The "Cracker" (soooo, I like to hear/observe professionals when they occasionally slip up at what they do...sue me---in the meantime though, enjoy this one kind of sneaks up on you though, just be ready! : ))
    • Messiah's Organist's Last Job (Who knows who these performers were?...more importantly though, who cares??? I'll tell you one thing, if I were that organist, i definitely wouldn't want people to know who I was either : ))

Thursday, January 13, 2011

"The Music Box" for Orchestra

As a child, I used to love opening up music boxes and listening to them. The interesting thing about is that whenever you open one, you never know what the music will sound like, where the music will begin, or where it will end… therein lies the mystery; therein lies the suspense; therein lies the excitement; and it is in this realm where my “Music Box” will attempt to exist and to function. With this piece, I hope to recreate for you my first encounter with one of these fascinating machines called a music box.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Impromptu: duo for Clarinet and Marimba

Set in a tricky 7/16 time, this piece is loosely based in ABA ternary form, yet blends together elements of jazz, blues, and rock music to create sort of a hybrid of musical styles. Think of it as a modern twist on old classical themes, blended with a mixture of 20th century jazz and rock elements, and based on the style of the blues OR you could just call it Impromptu, for short!

Fanfare for Brass